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When people click on your affiliate link and visit Are My Sites Up, if they sign up for a free account and then ever decide to go Premium, you earn 20% of that sale. This works if they go Premium right away, or if it's months later, or even if they've come back from a different affiliate. Since you were the original seed, you get the sale!

Purchased Plan You Earn
Premium Standard Seven Bucks
Premium Plus Thirteen Bucks
Premium Pro Nineteen Bucks

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The Facts

We aren't hocking a male-enhancement pill here, we are selling a service that works and helps people.

Are My Sites Up is easy to sell, as it is priced extremely competitively in the market.

We have lots of different graphics that you can use, or we can help you to create custom graphics tailored to your site.

Oh, and one more thing, we pay out as quickly as 15 days. No more waiting around a month to get paid.